Follow Mark's Money

Corporate-funded Super PACs spent $385,580 attacking Claire Wilson in the August 7 primary election. That's over $20,000 more than what was spent last year in the 2017 special election that became the most expensive legislative campaign in state history. 


Claire's Donations


93% of Claire Wilson's donations came from within Washington State from over 1,200 individual donors contributing a total of $105,519 with an average individual donation of $85. In contrast, according to the Public Disclosure Commission Claire's opponent's average donation is nearly $400.


The Truth About The Attacks


What Happened?

In 2013 Claire Wilson joined several other members of the Federal Way School Board on an informational trip to visit European schools and learn from experts there about new innovations and reforms that could be introduced to our local schools.

The lessons learned about second language instruction, the importance of integrating the arts into a broader curriculum, and better approaches to classroom design and organization have been tremendously beneficial to Federal Way students.


Global Learning Initiative Cost Less Than .04% of the Budget



The Cost

The Global Learning Initiative cost less than .04% of the budget in 2013, and over the last five years it has more than paid off. Since the trip, the Federal Way School District has undergone a major educational overhaul.

They have increased access to comprehensive preschool programs improving school readiness for incoming kindergarteners, improved graduation rates for students across the district, and expanded career training and college preparedness.


2013 Total Budget


Global Learning Initiative Budget


Graduation Rates Have Improved

Under Claire’s leadership, our graduation rate has increased steadily over the last four years to 83.1% (to one of the highest in the region). We have adopted English Language Arts Curriculum and Next Generation Science Curriculum for K-12 students, and this year we will be adopting a math curriculum district-wide for K-12.

Federal Way Public School's class of 2015 is outperforming the state with the percent of high school graduates attending college, persisting two or more years, and acquiring a degree.




Follow the Money

These ads are paid for by Super PACs that get their money from big banks, oil, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. These corporations aren’t looking out for our best interests. They’re attacking Claire because they know that she won’t take orders from them in the legislature. It’s clear that the politicians and special interest groups running these ads care more about their own political gain than the success of our students and the well-being of our community.


School Champion Claire Wilson 


Stay Informed

Check back regularly for updates on the money flowing into this race, where it’s coming from, and to get the truth about the attacks. You can learn more about where Claire stands on the issues at, or contact her directly at (253) 237 4799, or Thank you for being an engaged voter.